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Writing in the Western Genre



FUseful Reference Books


The books listed here have been read and reviewed by readers of this site, and the ratings reflect their opinion.
Comments and Rating
After The Civil War   John S Blay   ★★★☆☆ 
Outlet 1970        
A pictorial profile of America from 1865 to 1900.
Age of the Gunfighter: Men and Weapons on the Frontier 1840-1900 Joseph G. Rosa   ★★★★☆ 
Thunder Bay Press (CA) (Sep 2000)    
The life and times of the notorious gunfighters of the American West. The book provides a vivid account of this violent time, combining contemporary accounts with meticulous historical research and an unjaundiced appraisal of the facts. Telling the story of every major gunfighter, peace officer, and outlaw of the American West, John Westwood places them in the context of an unpredictable frontier and the coming of law and order.   Well illustrated and gives a good general overview of the times, the men that lived there and their guns (and other weapons, of course). Highlighted more than few unknown gunfighters and had photos/plates of firearms in detail.
All Color Book of Horses   Elizabeth Johnson   ★★★☆☆ 
Octopus, 1974        
With 100 Illustrations in color.
  A good basic book
Allen Illustrated Guide to Saddlery   Hilary Vernon   ★★★★★
J A Allen 2003        
Very detailed on English, Western, sidesaddles etc. different types of bridles and hackamores.
American Cowboy Songs   Hugo Frey    
Robbins Music Corporation, 1936        
(The) American Cowboy   Harold J McCracken   ★★★☆☆ 
Doubleday, 1873        
Pretty good source of info on the cowboy way of life.
American Horse Drawn Vehicles   Jack Rittenhouse    
Crown Publishers: Bonanza Books, 1968        
A Collection of 218 Authentic Reproductions of 183 Early American Horse-Drawn Vehicles...All Illustrations Taken from Original Fashion Plates and Photographs of the Builders, or from Little-Known Original Photographs. Original book 1948   Gets good reviews on Amazon
Arms & Equipment of the Civil War   Jack Coggins    
The tools of war of all branches and both armies.
  Wonderfully illustrated by the author.
Audubon Bird Guides   Richard Pough   ★★★★★
A range of guides to birds of all habitats and regions in the US    
Ballads and Songs of The Civil War   Jerry Silverman    
Mel Bay Publications 1993        
Songs are grouped into the following categories: The Union, The Confederacy, Lincoln, Universal Sentiments, Soldiers Songs, Battles, Negro Spirituals & Abolitionist Songs, The Lighter Side, and Post Bellum. A special feature of this text is the inclusion of authentic formal and informal portraits, plus depicting military encampment of the aftermath of the battle. Arranged for voice with piano accompaniment and guitar chords litionist Songs.
Baseball in Blue and Gray   George B. Kirsch    
Princeton University Press, 2007        
A history of baseball, particularly during the Civil War    
Best Loved American Folksongs   John A Lomax    
Grosset and Dunlap, 1947       Good reviews on Amazon.
Brothels, Bordellos and Bad
Girls - Prostitution in Colorado
1860 - 1930
  Jan McKell   ★★★★☆ 
University of New Mexico Press, 2004    
A history of prostitution, with stories and anecdotes about the many girls who worked in Colorado.   An interesting review of red light districts, some of the practices, health issues, and uses the stories of the girls themselves to relate this. A more scholarly version of Soiled Doves (see below)
Cahaba Prison and the Sultana Disaster
  William O.Bryant   ★★★★★
University of Alabama Press, 2001        
A look at prison conditions at Andersonville, Cahaba and their relation to the Sultana disaster.
  Excellent book
Cities and Towns of San Joaquin County since 1874   Raymond W Hillman and Leonard A Covello   ★★★★☆ 
Panorama West Books, 1885    
A history of San Joaquin County, its communities and people   Useful for the history of the development of Stockton, and other incorporated townships.
Civil War Catalog   Antony Shaw    
Running Press, 2003        
Arms, equipment, uniform etc    
Civil War Chronicle   Matthew Gallmand and J. Matthew Gallman    
Konecky & Konecky, 2010        
Drawing on journalistic accounts, memoirs, battle dispatches, and letters from actors large and small in the harrowing conflict, Gettysburg College historian Matthew Gallman gathers an indispensable day-by-day record of the Civil War.   Good reviews on Amazon
Civil War Curiosties   Webb Garrison    
True stories of unusual happenings during the civil war.    
Civil War Soldiers, Their
Expectations and Experiences
  Reid Mitchell   ★★★★★
Viking, 1988      
Outlines both Confederate and Union sides, including the psychology of service, landscape of war   Excellent resource
Civil War : State by State   Paul Brewer   ★★★★★
Thunderbay Press, 2004        
An account of how the war was loved, fought and manned, state by state    
Civil War Up Close   Donald Cartmell    
New Page Books, 2004        
Curious, obscure and fascinating facts    
Cowboy (The)   Phillip Ashton Rollins   ★★★★★
University of Oklahoma Press    
First published in 1922, this is the revised and enlarged edition of 1936. Rollins did two cattle drives himself as a teenager and draws on his own experiences. A classic.   Great style, very readable and masses of useful detail on the cowboy's life and daily toil. The illustrations are all grouped in the centre of the book, and include some lovely drawings of cowboy kit. Recommended.
Cowboys of the Old West   Editors of Time Life   ★★★★☆ 
Time Life Books    
Richly illustrated history of the cowboy's role and life.   Oddly, the huge amount of illustration left me feeling that I was reading the comic book version - possibly unfair, since it's a readable and useful book giving a lot of good information. I particularly liked the gallery of phographs at the back, showing cowboys in their best clothes.
Custer   Larry McMurtry   ★★★★★
Simin &Schuster, 2012        
Biography by the author of Lonesome Dove.   Easy reading. Detailed.
** Gets very mixed reviews on Amazon

Encyclopedia of the American West   Robert Utley (editor)   ★★★★★
Wings Press, 1997        
Comprehensive, fully illustrated A-to-Z encyclopedia covering topics from notorious outlaws to ethnic groups. Illustrated on practically every page with rare black-and-white photos, period engravings, and maps.    
Encylocpedia of (the) Civil War   Civil War Society   ★★★★★
Value Propriety, 1998        
        A good resource
Encylopedia of Horses and Ponies   Tamsin Pickeral    
Barnes and Noble, 2005        
Covers nearly 200 breeds        
Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes   Carl Waldman    
Covers every tribe       Not detailed, but not bad
Everything Horse   Cheryl Kimball   ★★★★★
Adams, 2001        
Comprehensive equine guide   Mostly for the modern reader, but for the un-horsey amongst us, gives helpful advice on grooming, feed, choosing the right mount etc
For Cause and Comrades: Why Men Fought in the Civil War   James McPherson   ★★★★★
OUP, 1998      
Review of thousands of Civil War writings from soldiers on both sides of the conflict.   Poignant and Powerful
Garden of the Sun: A History of the San Joaquin Valley 1772 - 1939
2nd Edition
  Wallace Smith   ★★★★☆ 
Craven Street Books 2004      
A story of the Valley's history, with an account of the various forces vying for control of the region.  

Eminently readable, despite its considerable size. Well illustrated. It goes beyond our period at each side, so to speak, but can give an excellent overview of life in the Valley from the time of Murdoch's assumed arrival.

(The) Gentle Tamers   Dee Brown   ★★★★★
Bison, 1981      
Highlights women in the Old West   Insightful
Great Battles of the Civil War   John Macdonald   ★★★★★
Offers computer graphics and battlefield reconstructions, plus history of both sides for each major battle.   Loved this book. It kind of gets you right in the action, but more importantly it takes a bunch of known battles and puts a face, timeline and geography to them. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Guns of the Wild West
  David Kennedy (with the Buffalo Bill Historical Center)   ★★★★☆ 
Courage Books, 2005    
A lavishly illustrated book aimed at the popular market rather than a scholarly audience, tracing the history and use of firearms. It uses the resources of the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody, Wyoming, which has a huge collection of period firearms. Photographs by Bruce Curtis.   A lighter read than John Walter's more scholarly tome, but accessible and interesting
(The) Guns That Won The
(Firearms on the American Frontier, 1848-1898)
John Walter   ★★★★★
Greenhill Books and MBI Publishing, 2006    
The story of the wide range of firearms in use in the American west, tracing their history and giving detailed descriptions and performance evaluations   Meticulously researched and very scholarly. This is a densely written book full of useful information.
Harvard's Civil War   Richard F. Miller   ★★★★☆
It outlines the history of the 20th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Kind of an interesting social experiment at the time although they didn't realize it. Most of the officers, commanders came from the elite, and most went to Harvard. The rest of the company was made of immigrants, mostly Irish and German.   .A great read for historical details and the "mood" of the time, how people acted/reacted to things
(The) Healing Power of Herbs   May Bethel   ★★★★☆
Wilshire, 1968        
Medicinal herbs and how to use them    
Herbs and Herb Lore of Colonial America   Colonial Dames of America    
Dover, 1995        
History of New England   Candace Floyd   ★★★☆☆ 
Portland House, 1990        
        Useful history of the area
Horse Owner's Vet Book   E C Straton   ★★★☆☆ 
Basic horse health care        
Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles   Don H Berkerbile   ★★★★★
Dover, 2012        
More than 250 illustrations of 19c horse drawn vehicles - stagecoaches, delivery wagons, fire engines    
How The West Was Worn: Bustles and Buckskins on the Wild Frontier   Chris Enss    
TwoDot Press 2006        
Examines the clothing of the Old West. You'll learn how a cowboy's home state determined the way he wore his pants and hat, as well as how to distinguish one Indian tribe from another by their moccasins.   Mixed reviews on
Life and Death in Civil War Prisons   J Michael Martinez    
Rutledge Hill, 2004        
The gruesome reality of Civil War prison life is found in the personal stories of those who suffered it. Two such victims were Corporal John Wesley Minnich - a Southern teenager from Louisiana - and Sergeant Warren Lee Goss of Massachusetts. In Life and Death in Civil War Prisons, these two common soldiers become uncommon symbols of the largely untold under-life of the American Civil War.   Good reviews on Amazon
Life Among the Soldiers and Cavalry   James A. Corrick   ★★★★★
Details out the who, what and where, how the soldiers were recruited, how the the companies/troops formed, differences among the Union and Confederates, training and general life as a soldier.   Wished it was a bit more in depth, but very good overall.
Myths and Mysteries of the Old West   Michael Rutter    
TwoDot, 2004        
Accounts of Billy the Kid, Cassidy and Sundance etc    
North American Indians in Early Photographs   Paula Richardson Fleming and Judith Luskey   ★★★★☆ 
Barnes and Noble, 1992        
2 photography and Indian experts from the Smithsonian have compiled an excellent documentation of early field and studio photos of Native Americans. They use the work of professionals and amateurs to show how photography was used to portray the Indians before World War I.    
Photographic History of the Civil War   William C Davis   ★★★★★
2 large volumes of contemporary photographs charting the Civil War.    
Rodeo   Lynn Campion   ★★☆☆☆
Lyons Press, 2002        
        Modern Rodeo, but could be helpful
Roses of the West   Anne Seagraves   ★★★☆☆ 
Wesanne Publications 2002    
Stories of western women achievers - Wyoming's first female governor, Montana's cattle queen etc.   A book of potted biographies. Interesting as background reading in relation to exceptional women, but don't look for great insight into the day to day lives of ordinary women living on farms and ranches.
San Francisco's Lost Landmarks   James R Smith   ★★★★☆
World Dancer Press 2005    
Stories and photographs charting the history of SF through its buildings and other landmarks.   Covers the whole of SF's history through to the end of the 20th century, so only part within the relevant period - but what is relevant, is very well done indeed.
Seventy-Five Years in San Francisco   William Heath Davies   ★★★★☆  
On line version. Originally A J Leary, San Francisco, 1889    
A first hand account of life in San Francisco from the author's arrival in 1831   Lively and entertaining, and perfect for the Lancer period. A wealth of detail on life in California from the Mexican period, through to the end of the 19th century
Soiled Doves   Anne Seagraves   ★★★☆☆
Wesanne Publications 1994    
A history of prostitution in the early West, telling the stories of the women who worked in bordellos, parlour houses and cribs.   A book that starts by saying that "Queen Victoria's strict morality temporarily put a halt to prostitution in England in the 1800s" should be read with extreme caution in terms of its historical analysis, but the womens' stories are both affecting and useful background reading.
Soldier Life: Voices of the Civil War Time Life   ★★★★★
Time/Life Books    
Gives descriptions of everyday life as a soldier, includes letters that were written by the soldiers and the things they went through during the war (from both sides).   It's a great reference to get the 'voice' and feel of the times. Insightful
Strange Battles of the Civil War   Webb Garrison    
Covers Port Royal, Fort Fisher, Cold Harbour etc    
Three Centuries of Harvard   Samuel Eliot Morison   ★★★★☆  
Spans the history of the university from its beginnings to the early part of the 20th century. Divided into segments such as the Puritan Age, Augustan Age, etc. It outlines explicitly was happened at the university during those time frames, including the presidents, college life.   An old read, but a great find
Unknown Civil War   Webb Garrison    
Vicksburg - A Self-guided Tour of the Battlefield   Michael A Mullins and Terrence Winschel   ★★★★★
History of the siege with modern photography and sketches   Excellent account.
Victorian America: Classical Romanticism to Gilded Opulence   Wendell Garrett   ★★★★☆  
Universe Publishing, 1996      
Victorian house, interiors and furniture styles.   Great if you're trying to get a  feel as to how the posh set lived during the Victorian Age in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York
Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876-1915   Thomas J. Schlereth   ★★★★☆  
HarperPerennial 1992      
A social historyof the changes that occurred in the workplace, housing preferences and communication - what was driving America and how that affected the way of life, i.e. developed the character and lifestyle of the middle class.   A good book to thumb through, interesting to see all the occupations and inventions that came about in this time frame.
Weapons of War   Gail B Stewart   ★★★☆☆ 
A history of the weaponry used during the Civil War, compares and contrasts them in some instances.   Wished it could have gone into more detail
Wicked West (The) Sherry Monahan   ★★★★☆ 
Rio Nuervo Publishers 2005    
Subtitle "Boozers, Cruisers, Gamblers and more" this is an account of life in the bad old days. An anecdotal book based on memoirs and eyewitness accounts. Includes interesting snippets on things like the rules of Faro; lists of synonyms for, well, the various sins; and even recipes for early cocktails.   A fun read. Short, and therefore necessarily superficial, but gives you a good overview.
Wild West Catalog   Bruce Wexler    
Running Press, 2008        
Maps, memorabilia, archival photos, summaries of Western TV shows, and movie reviews. The archival photos depict Western towns, lawmen, and outlaws. They also offer close-ups of a variety of popular frontier weaponss.   Good reviews on Amazon. Appears to be a 'popular' book rather than scholarly analysis.
Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the West (1840-1900)   Candy Moulton   ★★★★★
Writers Digest Books 1999.    
Covering the Land, Government and War--Everyday Life--Wild West Society, it gives the facts of life on the western frontier.   Good stuff. It helps with timelines, too


If you have a reference book you'd like to add to the list, please email Starry Diadem with details and a short summary, any comments you think will help and a rating out of five, where five is "excellent and you should read it"