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Margaret Schmitz Compton



Drabbles and Shorts

March 2017 drabbles
National Rhino Day
October 3rd. The Unofficial National Boyfriend Day
The Johnny Madrid Lancer Fan Club
Homecoming Thoughts
In Memory of Marlene- Johnny Madrid Western Hero
UM Blueberry Pie
Johnny's Monthly Holidays


National Rhino Day

This little story is just for fun. No money is involved. I Thank the people who wrote and produced the Lancer TV show. All mistakes are mine.


Johnny laying down under a big oak tree just watching the men moving the cattle further down in the Southern Pasture.

“Now this is the life. Laying here watchin my ole man's men working, while I'm taken a siesta. No one will dare tell me to get up and get to work cept the old man and big brother Scott.” Johnny is saying out loud.

He sleeps for around 45 minutes when he is suddenly awakened by strange thundering.

He looks up at a strange thing running towards Barranca.

He runs towards the horse to untie him.

As the horse is untied, he takes off running, as Johnny didn't even have time to get on Barranca.

He climbs up the tree as the funny looking animal chases him. “Wow. You are the most deformed cow I've ever seen.” Johnny says.

The strange cow twist around and around listening to the sound of Johnny's voice.

All of a sudden Barranca comes back looks at the strange cow and takes off again.

Johnny then panics and shoots his gun at the cow. He notices it just makes the cow mad.

“You must have the devil in you with that horn in-front of your face. I ain't never see such a deformed cow like you. I can't even kill you. You have a strange tail and strange feet. I hope the other beeves don't catch the sickness you have.” Johnny says to the creature.

His speaking to the cow, makes it mad again and it attacks the tree again. He fires his gun again.

He sees Murdoch and Scott riding in with another man. There's a funny wagon coming behind them.

Johnny fires his gun again and the funny looking cow rams the tree again.

The man with Murdoch yells. "Don't fire that gun you're making him mad.”

As the wagon moves in, two men get out and rope the strange cow.

Johnny climbs down from the tree and yells at Murdoch. “I hope, what that cow has isn't contagious. We'll never be able to sell them. Murdoch you have to kill that cow, with a different rifle. My gun just made it attack that tree. We'll have to burn it then bury it, so it's disease doesn't spread.”

Scott grabs Johnny's arm and turns him around and says, “Johnny that's not a cow that a Rhinoceros, from-”

Johnny cuts Scott off quickly and says, “Scott? If that cow gets our beeves sick, it will destroy the ranch.”

Scott grabs Johnny's arm again, “Johnny, will you listen to me. That is not a cow, it's a rhinoceros from Africa. It's here with a circus. Look at the cage it's in. It says-

“I can read Scott. It says Southern Jacobson's Circus.” Johnny answers.

One of the men that was with Murdoch came up to Johnny and said. “I am John Jacobson, Johnny. Sorry about putting you through the problem my Rhino caused. His name is Trouble because he escapes on us all the time. If the wrong person lets him out, of his cage or the wagon, he gets loose. He is dangerous though. He could have killed you. There was a man who let him loose on purpose. Why I don't know. Murdoch says he use to work for you but he fired him today.”

Johnny turns his head and asks Murdoch, “Who's the idiot who let that animal loose?”

“It was Tim, Johnny he said he'd hope you would run into the animal. He then said that he would be rid of you, if that creature caught you on the ground. He knew where you were. Why, he did it, I don't know Johnny. I thought he liked you.” Murdoch said.

“Yea, he liked me until I caught him smacking Louisa around. I then showed him how it felt. You know me Murdoch, I can't stand anyone hitting women and children.” Johnny says.

Mr. Jacobson walks up to Johnny and says, “I am truly sorry that this happened, Johnny. You are all invited to the circus in Green-river next week. I'll have as many free passes, as you need. I am glad that Trouble didn't hurt you. We have to head on into town. I hope to see you Murdoch and Scott also. Maybe even Miss Teresa can join you. By for now.” He gets on the wagon and leaves.

Johnny looks at Scott and Murdoch and says, “I don't mind going to the circus but I will stay away from that deformed cow. I mean Rinoousourus. You know what I mean that strange looking creature. He made that whole tree shake. I think he could have pushed it down if'n you guys never showed up and I fell. I think that's one Rinoousourus that would have done me in. I hope I see Tim at the circus, he'll see how I appreciate him letting Trouble out.” Johnny hops on Barranca and rides towards the ranch with Murdoch and Scott behind him.

Riding out of Morro Coyo, Tim says to his friend Rob. I am glad we're heading to Texas. If Johnny survives that deformed cow, he'll be looking for me. And I sure don't want him catching up."

The Circus arrives to the outskirts of Greenriver.



October 3rd. The Unofficial National Boyfriend Day

This is a little story I thought I would write as my 19 year old granddaughter found out on line that this is the unofficial National Boyfriend Day.
I would like to Thank the writers of the TV Show Lancer and all of the stars who brought such memories, so we fanfiction fans could create to our hearts content our own stories.
I make no money. All mistakes are mine. Margaret SC


“Hey Betty guess what today is.” Wanda asks.

“It’s October 3rd, 1870. Why don’t you know, Wanda?” Was Betty’s answer.

“I don’t understand you Betty; you never keep up with any special day. Today is National Boyfriend day.  Don’t you think of Scott as a boyfriend as you’ve dated him a couple of times. I know Johnny is my boyfriend as I’ve dated him a couple of times.” Wanda says,

Betty speaks again, “I never thought of that Wanda. How can we be their girlfriends as they have dated every unmarried girl that they know in the San Joaquin Valley.”

“I know Betty but the other girls, don’t need to know what today is. Look who’s riding down the street. It’s both Johnny and Scott on their horses. Murdoch and Teresa is in a wagon. Let’s go let Johnny and Scott know that we can go on this picnic with them, for this holiday. I know Johnny never turns down a meal. Every time I ask him he accepts.” Wanda says and grabs Betty by the arm and they run out of the store.


“Now boys, we will only be about an hour maybe a half hour longer. I don’t want us to be late for the church picnic tonight. I notice there are more young ladies out today. It looks like they’re just wondering around. I just don’t understand the girls of your generation. In my day the boys ask the girls out. Are you boys taking someone tonight?” Murdoch asks.

Scott replies,” I have asked Cheryl Mathews. I’ve been seeing her every chance I get for over two months now. How about you Johnny. Who are you taking?”

“I ain’t takin nobody Scott. I ain’t goin. I’m seein Cindy Lou, at Charlies Saloon. I know there ain’t no commitments there. I ain’t makin no one thinkin I’m gettin hitched. This kind of party is too organized for me. You know how that goes, this, um, is too organized by too many single girls.” Johnny turns and tries to leave as Murdoch grabs his arm.

He then says,” Young man you will go to the picnic with me. I am not taking anyone so you can hang out with us single men and dance with whomever you choose.  Even Jelly is going by himself. He says he’s not seeing Pat anymore so he’s going to dance with others. You know with three towns around here there’s more women out to enjoy. So I will be meeting you both at Charlies Saloon, in an hour to an hour and a half. Johnny I will not be chasing you all over town. Do you understand me? Son!”

“Yes sir. If I ain’t in town, I’ll be at the ranch. See all them girls headin this way. I ain’t choosing any of them. Look Scott there’s a couple I know you dated.” Johnny says.

Scott replies, “Yes Johnny but Cheryl is coming too, so I will not have to say anything. Cheryl being in my arms will say, whom I’m going with. You my brother have a problem so my advice is let’s go in the saloon now. They wouldn’t dare go in there looking for you. At least I hope not.”

Scott then goes to Cheryl and gives her a hug and tells her he’ll pick her up later in front of all of the other girls. The Scott girls all take off BUT the Johnny girls went right into the saloon.

Murdoch doesn’t believe his eyes, and then says, “I guess I better straighten this out before these young ladies’ dads see where they are.”

“Sir I don’t think you have a choice there are 5 dads coming for those 7 little girls. Well It looks like those girls have more of a problem as Val is coming too. I think maybe we need to go help Johnny out. Teresa do you think you can go set up without us?” Scott asks.

“Yes Scott I see Jay coming. He’s the guy I’m going with. Over here Jay.” Teresa then talks to Jay and leaves with him driving the wagon to where the picnic is.

Murdoch and Scott go into the saloon and see no sign of Johnny. They see all the girls surrounding a table and the dads yelling at them.

“Scott I don’t see Johnny sitting at the table. Where do you think he went?” Murdoch asked.

“Well Sir, I was hoping he got away but I can see his legs laying under the table with a chair on top of him.”

Val then shoots his rifle into the air and says,” If’in I was you girls and your daddies, I would leave right now. This ain’t no place for young ladies like you’s” 

The girls’ dads were all agreeing with Val but the girls started fighting at the table and knocked it over. They were falling all over the chair that was broken over Johnny’s chest. Johnny kept on tring to get up but the girls kept rolling over him.

Val shot his rifle again and says, “All you dads get them girls out of here even if’in you have to drag them. If I have to drag you girls, you will be setting in the jail until the picnic it over. Now scoot.”

Their dads started dragging the girls out except for Betty and Wanda. They were still fighting about Who was taking Johnny.

Wanda says, “Get away from him. It’s not my fault Scott has a date.”

Betty answers, “He’s open game, as he says, he’s not taking anyone. I know he prefers me because you are so pushy.”

“Who’s pushy Betty, you knew I dated him not you.” Wanda answers.

Murdoch then says in a firm voice, “Ladies I don’t think anyone is going to be with Johnny as he is lying under the table and all of you girls that were fighting over him, had him pinned under that table with a broken chair. Now you girls go to the picnic grounds before Val hauls you both in. You know what he thinks of Johnny and if Johnny is hurt Val will make someone pay.”

Wanda and Betty take off running as their fathers both run into the saloon.

Val pulls the chair off of Johnny and says, “Boy how do you always get yourself into this kind’a fix. Scott will you get Sam. There seems to be a piece of wood sticking out of Johnny’s chest. He might even have a couple of broken ribs.”

“Yes sir!” Scott says and then he leaves.

Sam comes in and takes care of Johnny, “Well Murdoch he has two cracked ribs and four stitches from the piece of chair that went into his chest. I don’t think he’ll be dancing. He said he wants to go to the picnic and stay with you and Val. He says Val will keep the girls away. It’s up to you Murdoch because I don’t want him riding his horse and he knows you all want to enjoy the day.”

Murdoch answers, “He also says he doesn’t like his parties organized so I guess he has no choice. Come on Johnny, Val and I will take you over to the picnic. We’ll find a place as far from the crowed as we can.”

They head over to the picnic and find a spot at the far end of the area.

“Hey! Buddy is this fur nough for ya. Your Pa went to get you some food. Scotts with his girl. I will make sure none of them girls come over here.” Val says.

Murdoch brings Johnny’s food at the same time and says. “Yes Johnny Val and I will keep the girls away. How do you like that for a change.”

“What I think, Murdoch, that they should do away with that National Boyfriend Day. Furthermore, they should outlaw girls chasing us guys. It can get pretty painful if you ask me. Hey Val how about getting Mayor Roberts to outlaw National Boyfriend day in our area. Or put my old man in jail that day cause I told him I didn’t want to go.” Johnny says.

Murdoch steps in and says, “From now on Johnny I will listen to you. Also I will start that petition that the whole of the San Joaquin Valley, will never again celebrate National Boyfriend Day.”



The Johnny Madrid Lancer Fan Club

This is my input for the September Loyalty Challenge. I do not own any rights to Lancer. This story is for enjoyment purposes and no money is being made from it.
I just wrote this today. I don't have time to send it to my beta, so all mistakes are mine.

"Johnny I am so happy you brought me to town. It's been so boring at home. It seems I haven't been to town in such a long time.”

“I know Teresa but we can't stop branding cattle, just to take you to town. You knew as soon as we caught up, someone would take you.”

“ I know Johnny. I was just a little impatient. Thank You again. This makes me so happy.”

The wagon pulls up in-front of Val's office. Johnny hops down and goes over to Teresa and helps her down.

“ Thank You so much Johnny. I'll only be an hour or so. Maybe when I'm done we can grab something to eat.”

“That's fine with me honey. I'll meet you out front of the hotel, if that's alright with you.”

“Ok Johnny, I like their food the best. Later.”

Just then Johnny and Teresa look across the street at a group of teenage girls gathering. It started out with three girls then two more joined them.

Johnny and Teresa looked at each other then went their own way.

Johnny goes into Val's office. “ Hey Val how's it goin”

“Just fine Johnny how's bout you.”

“I'm alright Val. Brought Teresa to town to buy some things. Then we're goin to buy something to eat. Ya wanna join us, Val ?”

“Sure Johnny. Gots nothin better ta do.”

Johnny and Val visited for a while and decided it was time to go meet up with Teresa.

They both look across the street and looked at a group of young girls gathering. Johnny looks at Val.

"There were five girls Val, when I dropped Teresa off. Now there's seven Val. You have any idea what's going on.”

“ Not at all Johnny. It's funny tho, they keep looking our way.”

“Well nothing for you or me to worry about. Hey! Teresa! Over here. Let's eat Val.  I'm starvin.”

“You always starvin buddy.”

“Johnny! Look them girls are still gathering. I count eight. That's strange.”

“Sure is honey. Val and I counted seven, just a couple minutes ago.”

“Yea. Startin to bug me too, they keep looking our way. Maybe they have somethin going on and just watchin folks walkin down the street. Anyway Johnny, Teresa let's go eat.”

They finished eating and just stopped out the door, when the group of girls started screaming. They were jumping up and down. Up and down. They kept pointing towards Val, Johnny and Teresa.

"Well I guess I’ll go see what them screamin young'uns are hollorin about.” Val says.

“Johnny I count 14 now. You think Val will need help? They seem so excited to me. I know when I was their age. I would scream at people I was happy to see.”

“Yea well I'm glad I ain't no girl.  That there screaming is getting of my nerves. I can't imagine Val's enjoyin it.”

Val comes back across the street. “I can't figure it out Johnny.  Ever time I ask them what's wrong, they just scream. Maybe, you Miss Teresa can get them to talk. I can't even get them to look at me. They just keep lookin over here.”

“Ok! Val I'll go see what's wrong.”

"You be careful Teresa, they keep jumping and screamin funny like.”

“I will Johnny.  Most the girls know me.”

Teresa goes across the street. The girls stop screaming. “Hi girls what's going on. Is something wrong, that has you all upset?”

“No Teresa it's just our fan club. We gathered, when we seen your wagon come in.”

“Our wagon? Why would it upset you this much Silvia?”

“It's not the wagon Teresa, that has us upset. It's what it brought to town. We are so excited, we can't control ourselves.”

“What do you mean you can't control yourselves. And what was in our wagon, you need to see?”

“Teresa! It's our fan club and you aren't even in it. You can't join anyway, cause where you live.”

“Silvia! I don't understand, what do you mean by where I live.”

“Miss Teresa, we can't tell you why you can't join.”

“Why not Cheryl. I can keep a secret.”

“Should we tell her girls. I think Miss Teresa can help us out.”

“Ok Cheryl we all agree.” The girls all said at the same time.

“Well what's your fan club all about then.”

“OH! Miss Teresa! You're so lucky you get to see him everyday.”

“Cheryl! See Who? Oh! I get it. You all have a crush on Johnny.”

“Our fan clubs name is “ THE FANS OF JOHNNY MADRID LANCER.” We just think he's the cutest.” Says Silvia.

“He has the best walk, we can't get enough of watching it. Isn't that right girls.” Brenda says.

They start screaming again.

“Brenda? You girls are to young for noticing things like that.”

“No we ain't Miss Teresa. We're 13 and 14 years old now. That's why I started this fan club.”

"Well is there anything you want me to tell or ask Johnny? Since we are here! I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you.”

The girls started screaming again. As they noticed Johnny and Val coming across the street.

Teresa runs across the street.

“Johnny we have to leave now! Hurry up let's get in the wagon.”

Teresa grabs his hand and starts running for the wagon.

Johnny grabs the reins. “Teresa I think Val will need our help.”

Val comes running across the street. “Johnny get out a here them girls are nuts. Saying somethin about souvenirs. They said you got um.”

“Val! I don't get it. I don't have any souvenirs.”

“Oh! Yes you do, brother Johnny. They think you are their souvenirs. They want to tear you apart piece by piece. They all want to take something of yours home. And if we don't hurry up they'll catch you.”

Johnny backs the team up and turns the wagon toward home.

The girls once again start screaming running down the street after them.

Johnny looks back and decides to move the team faster.

When they get far enough out of town, Val catches up. “I don't get it Johnny! Them girls are cryin somethin fearse. Saying I love him, I love him.  What they mean Miss Teresa.”

"Yea! Teresa what do they mean. All that screamin an hollorin. Now Val says they're cryin.”

“Oh! Johnny! They have a fan club.”

“What's a Fan Club. Teresa?”  

“Can I finish Johnny? They have a fan club called “THE JOHNNY MADRID LANCER FAN CLUB.”



“Meaning Johnny they have a crush on you. They are your LOYAL fans.”

 Johnny Looks beside himself.

Teresa and Val look at each other and crack up laughing.

They all ride toward Lancer.

As Teresa says. “ I can't wait to tell Murdoch and Scott, why Johnny can't go to town anymore.

Johnny still looks upset as Val and Teresa crack up laughing again.



Homecoming Thoughts

This is for the 46th Anniversary for Lancer's pilot The Homecoming.
I own no rights to Lancer this is just for entertainment and not for profit.
All mistakes are mine. Feel free to correct.

Murdoch thinking: I'm so tired. Another fire. This old bed sure will be so comfortable.
Sons both sons home.
It sure surprised me that they showed up at the same time.
Funny I didn't know what to expect.
Scott so polite and proper. So much like his mother.
Johnny well, Johnny so different.
He too is so much like his mother.
Getting his blue eyes from his uncle Thad. I wouldn't doubt he has the same temper. Always wild like the black sheep of the family.
They both turned out so much more different that I had hoped for.
I thought Scott would have been so much like his grandfather. I see he's more honest and not as aggravating as Harlan.
Johnny, I can see how he must be hurting by what he said. Knowing his past was told different than what I said. I pray he finds the truth and understand that I always wanted him.
I pray they both understand I always wanted them.
Both boys a great surprise a very welcome surprise.
Well it’s time to get to bed. Tomorrow, I'll get to learn more of my boys.
Thank You God for bringing them both home.
And I pray I show a better attitude tomorrow, I don't want to drive them away.
Murdoch puts out the lamp and goes to sleep.

Scott thinking: My father, a tall man, a man with a hidden spirit.
Funny I thought he'd be more understanding and kinder to Johnny and me.
Now Johnny, there's a strange fellow.
Dresses funny.
Maybe for not out here but he'd never go unnoticed in Boston.
This will be interesting, learning about my funny dressed brother.
If grandfather only knew I had a brother but then again he probably knew.
I wonder why my father sent a Pinkerton agent to find me.
A letter would have done just as well.
But then again I’ll have to ask my father why.
Just seems so strange how that Pinkerton man knew where to find me.
It will be interesting learning about these two people, new to my life.
Time to get to bed ,looking forward to a new day to a new life.
Scott puts out the lamp and goes to sleep.

Johnny thinking: Well, well, well. A brother a fancy dan at that.
I'd never figured the old man had it in him.
Funny dresser though. Gotta figure out how to tell him, he'd get robbed or killed wearing suits like that. That hat, needs to be target practice, showered full of holes. Yep I'd be the one to do that.
I wonder if he's older than me. A big brother, I wonder if he likes wrestling in the mud. That way he'd have to buy new cloths get rid of the suit.
Murdoch, now there is a big man. Such a big man.
If I met him a few years ago, when I believed in giants, I'd take off running hoping he wouldn't catch me.
Mama telling me, if I left at night when she was at the cantina, that a giant would grab me and take me away.
I wonder if she meant the old man.
Sometimes mama would really scare me about a giant stealing me away.
I guess mama had good cause with the old man.
Tomorrow, a new day a new family.
Funny I never thought of having anyone to learn about.
A father and a brother something to sleep on.
Johnny turns off the lamp and goes to sleep.



In Memory of Marlene- Johnny Madrid Western Hero

This is dedicated to Marlene Campbell who left us too soon.

Tears flowing down my face God. I don't care.

They may say, a man ain't supposed to cry.

I'm crying.

This loneliness will hit me, soon I know.

Why should a friend pass so quick?

I miss her so much, God. 

I remember how she would give, everyone, encouraging words

for writings, that they do for stories about me.

Yep! Johnny Madrid Western Hero.

Her first book about me.

She never seen me as a killer.

I was her hero.

 I'm going to miss the way she would look at me.

The way she would smile when I gave her a new picture.

She'd always say, a new cover picture for my new book.

Marlene, I'll miss you. I don't like dime novels but the ones you wrote for me, I will always keep and cherish.

Thank You for being my special friend.

God give her my message.

Marlene Thank You for caring. Bye.


He gets up and leaves her resting place.




UM Blueberry Pie

For 28 April, National Blueberry pie day.

Teresa walks into the big living room and whines “Has anyone seen my blueberry pies? I made two today and they are gone.”     

“No darlen, I haven't even seen your pies. But I could sure smell them.” Murdoch answers.

“How about you Scott?” Teresa asks.

“No honey I haven't. Maybe when Johnny comes in maybe he has seen them.” Scott replys.                                                              

“I asked Maria and she is just as puzzled as I am. She said they were both there just a few minutes ago.” Teresa says.                           

Johnny walks in and Teresa asks him as he answers “No! Teresa, I DON'T see any blueberry pies. ” He smiles with blue teeth.

“Oh! Johnny how could you?” as Teresa says, then slaps him on the arm.

Everyone starts laughing as they see a smiling Johnny with blue lips.



Johnny's Monthly Holidays

It's just for fun. I am making no money off of it. I love the western Lancer and I am also a Johnny girl.
 I would like to Thank Doreen for being my beta. Because I am lousy with punctuation.


Johnny came traipsing down the stairs the day after Christmas.  “Hey Murdoch, I think we should have holidays like Christmas once a month.  How's bout starting January 25 then February 25?  As Scott would say et cetera, et cetera!  How bout it Murdoch? A great idea?”

“No Johnny. Holidays don't work that way.  They’re usually voted in by the Government in Washington D.C.”

“Awe Murdoch, why can't we just do it my way?”

Running down the stairs Scott almost made it to the kitchen for breakfast but was stopped as Murdoch beckoned him over.  “Scott, please explain to your brother why we can't have holidays once a month.”

Scott knew what Johnny was trying to do and grinned jokingly.  “But Murdoch, why can't we celebrate Christmas once a month?  I think it would be fun.”

“Scott you know we'd all be broke before the year ends,” Murdoch admitted with a worried look on his face.

“I know Murdoch but imagine all of the presents I would get. I mean we would get,” Johnny replied.  “As well as all that good food prepared for us to enjoy.”

“I tell you what Johnny, why don’t you go and tell Maria and Teresa about your idea and see what kind of response you get from them” Murdoch asked knowingly.  “It’s a wonder they don’t come after you considering the work and cost involved.”

“I already asked them Murdoch and they agreed it was okay.  Teresa said it's your money anyway.”

Murdoch rolled his eyes.  “Johnny you’re just impossible once you get something in your head.”

“What ya mean Murdoch?  Somethin’on my head?  I have a right to ask as there's nothin’ on my head.”

“I said in your head not on your head,” Murdoch replied with a sigh.  “Scott help me out here would you please?”

“Murdoch I believe you are on your own with this one,” Scott smiled back.

“Okay, now I get the picture. You’re both ganging up on me.”

“Murdoch we ain't ganging up on you.  We ain't even a gang.  We just want more holidays around here.  Imagine Murdoch, having more presents.  I know I'd like more presents.”

“I know you would Johnny though I think this discussion is now over,” Murdoch answered and went into the kitchen.

“Murdoch did you talk to Johnny about his trips out to town once a month for his holidays?” Teresa asked.

Murdoch shook his head.  “Now I see what's happening.  That boy is too much, up to his tricks by trying to confuse me about holidays.”

“I don't confuse you Murdoch. You’re already confused telling me I got somethin’ in my head.  I asked you about having a holiday once a month.  My head has nothin to do with that,” Johnny replied as he stood behind him.

“You're right Johnny.  Your head has nothing to do with taking holidays every month. I think holidays are somewhere else in your thoughts.  And how long do you think each holiday every month should last?”

“Well Murdoch I think maybe four or five days.”

“I see son. I tell you what. You can take your monthly holidays out at the barn. And I’ll come and help you forget your days away. How about that?”

Johnny realized he was beaten. “That's alright Murdoch. I'll just eat my breakfast and get to work.  You can discuss our holidays with Scott.  He was all for it too,” he said, pointing at Scott with a scowl.

“Little brother let me tell you something. How about Murdoch and me both take you to the barn and show you what we think of your once a month, week long holidays?”

“But Scott you agreed with me just a couple of minutes ago.  Now's not the time to turn tail and run.”

Murdoch laid a hand on his youngest son’s shoulder.  “Johnny your food is getting cold.  I think you should eat it before I decide you don't need it and Scott and I can both show you what you really need.”

“Okay I get it!  I'll quit seein’ I have an old man and brother who just don't want me havin’ any fun!”

Johnny picked up his plate in a huff, privately knowing his plan would work and maybe he’d take his monthly holidays anyway.  ‘I'll show them I have nothing on my brain. Cause I can still think. My brain works just fine,' he thought as he went out the door.






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